Do you love your fashion jewelry as much as your precious jewelry? Of course, we do! It is important to take proper care of your costume jewelry so that it will last as long as possible and be in the best condition. We have compiled 12 different tips of the best ways to ensure the lifetime of your most loved fashion jewelry pieces. Check them out below!

Keeping your jewelry dry and clean is the key

If you want to maintain the luster of your fashion jewelry make sure to keep your jewelry clean and dry. Chemical products like oil, perfume or any type of cream should not come in contact with your fashion jewelry. Even water is quite harmful for your jewelry so make sure to remove your jewelry before you wash your hands or apply perfume. That way you can limit the greenish traces that your costume jewelry may leave over your skin.

Remove your fashion jewelry before going to bed

It is important to remove your costume jewelry at the end of the day before going to bed. Make sure to store your jewelry in a box or rack because if you left it on while you slept it may cause excessive damage including breakage and tarnishing. Most importantly, you may also experience scratches over your skin and we don’t want that!

Use perfume or lotion before wearing your fashion jewelry

As perfumes are not 100% natural, it can damage your fashion jewelry when comes in contact with it. Similarly, lotion can contain some chemicals that can potentially damage your favorite jewelry. Make sure to put on your perfume and lotion first, let it dry and then put the final touches of your jewelry on.

Avoid coating your costume jewelry

Coating your fashion jewelry might add style for a while, but in the long run it damages your fashion jewelry. No matter if you are changing its color or changing its appearance with making it shinier it will cause adverse effects on your jewelry. The best solution is to keep the jewelry the way it is and purchase a different item closer to your newest desire.

Put your Jewelry on after you change clothes

Changing clothes while wearing your jewelry may cause damage to your jewelry. For example, removing a t-shirt may cause an accidental pull of your pendant and the chain may break off. Not only are the chances high for damage on your jewelry, but also your clothes are equally prone to damage. Therefore, change your clothes and then find your matching fashion jewelry.

Fashion Jewelry is not meant for daily usage

Wearing your costume jewelry occasionally will give it a longer life. Try to give your fashion jewelry a little break from time to time as wearing the same piece everyday may lead to its discoloration. Varying your jewelry to match best with your outfit will not only enhance your style but will also add longevity to your jewelry.

Avoid fashion Jewelry in course of excessive sweating

When you are doing active activities such as, exercising or working outside, you should avoid wearing your costume jewelry. The excessive sweat causes a chemical reaction between your skin and the fashion jewelry and leaves behind green traces. The best solution is to store your jewelry in a pouch if you are not home or in your normal storage box if you are home.

Store your Jewelry Properly

Never keep your costume jewelry loose in a drawer as it is prone to breakage and damage this way. The best way to store it is in separate pouches so that your jewelry will not get rubbed together. The necklaces can also be hung vertically on hooks to avoid knots in its chain. A Jewelry armoire is a perfect way to treasure your fashion jewelry!

Wear your Jewelry after hair spray and makeup

When getting ready for a party, your make-up and a perfect hairdo are essential. But be aware of the hairspray and makeup! They can contain some chemicals that can negatively affect your fashion jewelry. That is why it is recommended to put on your costume jewelry once you are done with your entire beauty routine.

Avoid wearing jewelry at Spa or Pool

Take off your jewelry whenever going to the beach, spas or pool. Both chlorine water and sea water can react with the metals of your jewelry and change the color of your favorite jewels. Sadly, if you are off to play some water sports or lazy about a floatie in the pool, leave your jewelry at home or bring a pouch with you to protect them when you take them off.

Never use jewelry cleaner

Most of the jewelry cleaners are meant to clean the jewelry crafted from silver, gold and platinum metals and are very harsh for fashion jewelry. Therefore, you should never use such cleaners to clean your fashion jewelry. Best way to clean your fashion jewelry is a clean dry rag and a buff!

Avoid chores like Laundry or Dishwashing while wearing jewelry

While doing your daily chores such as dishwashing or laundry take off your jewels. There are many harsh chemicals that can come into contact with your favorite bracelet or bangles which will affect their striking finish or may even cause discoloration. Protect your jewels by not wearing them during chore time!

That’s it! Extend life to your fashion jewelry with these easy tips to maintain their style forever. You will also save your hard-earned money with these easy tips from reusing your jewelry for a longer time. That way you can invest in more jewelry styles!

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